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Adkins Towing- Towing & Recovery Service


towing a car

Adkins Towing in Salisbury provides towing and recovery services to get you off the road following a break down or accident.

If you’re sitting on the side of the road with an inoperable vehicle, give our towing experts a call. We’ll come out to you any time of day or night with our advanced towing equipment and help you figure out the next steps to get you driving again. We tow any vehicle from compact cars to sedans, pick-up trucks, and large commercial vans. We provide flat bed and wheel-lift towing, using the technique that will work best for the type and condition of your car.

Whether you’ve been in a fender bender that requires a minor repair, need a significant repair that can restore your car, or have a totaled vehicle that needs replacement, our experts will recover your vehicle and get it safely off the road. Adkins’s Towing will store your car securely on our property or bring it to the auto body shop of your choice. We also ensure that when insurance claim adjusters access your vehicle on our property, they provide accurate, timely services to get you the coverage or compensation you need to fix or replace your vehicle.

Adkins Towing also recovers vehicles that have been stolen or abandoned. We bring these cars into our shop where they can be brought in to an auto body shop to fixed or scrapped for parts. Ask our staff for additional details on our towing and recovery services in Maryland.

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